Salvation Army

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Young People's Band 


The Young People's Band is a group of young Christians who participate in our Sunday school and main services. The group is made up of around 15 young people between the ages of 7 and18.   They learn to play various brass instruments when they are quite young, often being taught by parents or in "Learner classes" taught by senior members of the corps (Church).  When they have achieved a certain standard of playing they join with the main band and rehearse weekly.  In order to encourage the young people to play more ambitious music they are often augmented by some of the younger senior members who have more recently transferred to the senior sections.  The prime aim of the band is to spread Gods word through their music.

The band is taught and led by Band Leader Neil Lightley and has a Band Sergeant, Corps Treasurer Colin Lightley whose responsibility is for the Christian nurturing of these young people.  The Y.P.  Band also has participated in many concerts in other local Churches together with the Singing Company.  (See the News pages of this website).  The music played ranges from classical pieces, marches and lively song arrangements.