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4th October 2014

Latest news updated

10th October 2014

Report of harvest weekend added to Latest News.

19th October 2014

Coming soon corrected for the time of the concert by the Band of Central Florida. (7.00pm)

28th November 3014

Latest news and coming soon updated

3rd December 2014

Toddlers nativity report published

21st December 2014

Coming Soon and 2014 events updated

4th January 2015

2015 diary of events provided

31st January 2015

Coming soon page updated

26th February

Coming soon updated

20th March 2015

Many changes of style applied in order to comply with the Salvation Army’s strict branding house style. In this way our independent site is approved for linking to the new THQ site, which will in future be our principal site.

4th April 2015

Prepared the menu for 2015 and added Morpeth on Good Friday report

6th April 2015

Easter Sunday report added

13th April 2015

Events page changed to Google Calendar

5th May 2015

Michael Elliott’s enrolment added to latest news.

2nd June 2015

Dedication of Isaac Tasker and Coming Soon updated

8th June 2015

Latest news updated

7th July 2015

Latest news updated with Boundless2015 story

16th July 2015

Mens Fellowship page updated

27th July 2015

Latest News updated

2nd August 2015

Latest News updated

28th September 2015

Latest news updated for Simon Wearmouth’s enrolment.

16th October 2015

Latest News updated to report on harvest weekend

6th December 2015

Latest News update for carol services

6th January 2016

Report of community help for flood devastated Carlisle to Latest News page

26th February 2016

2015 info archived. Reports for Hannah’s sponsorship and Cristian’s enrolment added.

29th February 2016

Report of Jm and Val’s enrolment added

25th April 2016

Latest news updated

5th October 2016

Latest News updated

15th November 2016

Latest News updated

29th March 2017

2016 items archived and 2017 page added