Salvation Army

Church and Community Centre

Corps Programme


10:00am - Holiness Meeting, incorporating Sunday School.  Preaching and Teaching Meeting.  This is the devotional meeting in which we learn more about our relationship with God and what He requires of us. During this meeting the younger members of the congregation retire to an adjoining room for their Sunday School meeting.

11:15am -  Open Air Ministry.  Occasionally, weather permitting, we visit neighbourhoods throughout the town, telling the people of the Good News of Jesus and of God's love for them.

5:30pm - Gospel Praise - a meeting designed to present the Christian message using bands and singing groups in an expression of praise and thanksgiving linked to topical preaching.



2.00 pm Home and Family Fellowship (ladies)


9.30am Mother & Toddlers

10.00 am Bible Study

6.30pm Young Peoples Band Rehearsal

8.00pm Band Rehearsal


9.30am Mother & Toddlers

12.15pm Luncheon Club

1.30pm Sunshine Hour (Over Sixties Club)

7.30pm on the 1st Wednesday each month - Ladies Fellowship

7.30pm on the 3rd Wednesday each month - Men's Fellowship


2.00pm Craft Club for all. (all ages)

6.30pm Singing Company Rehearsal

8.00pm Songster Rehearsal


9.30am   Mother and Toddlers

6.00pm - 7.30pm Junior Club fortnightly 6 yrs - 12 yrs).  For specific dates click here.

8.00pm - 9.30pm Youth Club fortnightly 12 yrs - 16 yrs).  For specific dates click here.


9.00am 3rd week of each month.  Soft play.  (0 yrs - 5 yrs). I