Salvation Army

Church and Community Centre

A  Welcome Message from our new Commanding Officer - Captain Peter Renshaw

To the Soldiers, Adherents and Friends of The Salvation Army, Bedlington

Greetings to you all !

I have now been in Bedlington almost 3 weeks and hopefully I have been able to greet you all in person, if only briefly. I have been blessed by the corps family in the way that you have received me in to the fellowship and made me feel so welcome – thank you !

I am a northern lad by birth and it is good to be back having spent the last 9 years in the south living in London (twice) and Somerset. I was born in Lancashire, grew up in Cumbria and I have a bit of Yorkshire in my blood via my maternal grandparents. I can now add Northumberland to my list of counties to call home.

My officership journey, though relatively short, has been varied. Having completed officership training at William Booth College I was appointed to the South-Western division as CO at Shepton Mallet Corps. While in that appointment I was also a part time prison chaplain for four years and for some time I had responsibility for the near by Midsommer Norton Corps. From there I was unexpectedly appointed to THQ as the Private Secretary to the Territorial Commander. In that role I served three TC’s – Commissioner John Matear, Commissioner (now General) André Cox and Commissioner Clive Adams. This was a unique role and one of great privilege where I gained a great insight to the work of The Salvation Army both nationally and internationally.

As one journey ends another begins and now we journey together on the Christian pathway. As a Salvation Army Officer I am not only appointed to the corps, but to the community that we serve. I look forward to working with you all as we reach out together into the community where we live and work witnessing for Christ and building the Kingdom of God – Matthew 10: 7 – 8.

God bless you all.


Captain Peter Renshaw

Commanding Officer