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Ladies Fellowship


The ladies fellowship meets on the first Wednesday of each month from 8pm until 9-30pm.  As a group they share the responsibility for the program throughout the year.  The ladies fellowship is very relaxed and is open to all women, you don’t need to be a member of the Salvation Army, in fact we encourage anyone who just fancies a night out once a month, with no strings attached, to come and have time out.

On 4th March 2009 they held an Indian night.  This was arranged by Ann and Val who are members of the Ashington Salvation Army.  They have within their congregation Indian Christians worshiping together.  Ashington corps is very much a part of the Indian families, which means that they are invited to all their major events, weddings, birth celebrations etc.  At this meeting of the ladies fellowship Ann and Val shared all these lovely experiences which were on a grand scale. They provided a taste of the traditional food, and assisted the ladies at putting on the traditional Indian dress. It was a night of fun.  To see pictures of these events please click here.