Salvation Army

Church and Community Centre

Via a group of dedicated men and women we provide a comprehensive weekly programme    of activity from a Wednesday lunch for approx. 50 needy men and women to a twice    weekly parent (and grandparent!) and toddler care facility for as many as 90 pre-school    age children.

In addition, the Community Ministries Group seeks to serve the spiritual, physical    and psychological needs of those in the community by holding monthly "New to You"    sales, sending sympathy cards to the bereaved, assuring them of our thoughts and    prayers and by the provision of toys and games, food hampers at Christmas for needy    families in the area.

A further activity in which we have engaged is "Operation Christmas Child"; some    220 shoe boxes filled with soft toys, sweets, games, colouring books, pencils, hats,    scarves and toiletries are wrapped in colourful paper and along with those from other    volunteer groups in the North East, are dispatched to Romania in time for the children    of that country to enjoy Christmas gifts that would otherwise be denied them.

In addition to this overseas service we also provide at Christmas time the distribution    of children's toys to poorer families of the area.  These toys are donated by various    local organisations.  The job of documenting them all and seeing that they go only    to deprived children is down to volunteers from the Corps working with Social Services.  This    service has been going on for many years.  The task of organising it for December    2006 is shown in pictures which may be seen by clicking here.

We are keenly aware of the need to expand and develop our community activities and    it is hoped that in the near future we will be able to run a charity shop, "pop-in"    cafe, after-school care facilities and other community related activities so that    we can serve the needs of our town more effectively. An extension to our present    suite of buildings is planned in order to accommodate these additional activities.