Major Extension to our Building

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On February 18th a major new building project is to commence to the front of the    present building.  As well as adding to the existing building an new roof is to be    provided for the present building.  The finished suite of buildings will enable us better to serve the needs of the community.  It will provide two additional large community rooms a kitchenette an additional disabled toilet with baby changing facilities.  The main entrance to the halls will be brought forward allowing better networking room in the foyer.  During the building works the main entrance door to the building will be closed and all access made by the door at the right hand side of the building to the rear of the car park.

Pictures, donated by Envision Studios, show a three dimensional view of the planned works and an impression of what the completed building will look like.  Click on the picture to reveal a larger version.

Below these are pictures showing progress of the work.


As at April 8th progress seemed rather slow but we are assured all will be delivered on time.


As at April 16th/17th things started happening.  The place was a hive of activity.  The    pictures show the steel structure being put in place for the new extension as well    as the construction of a box in which the lintel to support the new roof over the    existing building will be placed.


After a couple of weeks where nothing seemed to happen suddenly on Monday 12th May    there was remarkable progress.  The pictures show the steel structure placed over    the main hall ready for the new roof.


By 25th June the basic roof structure appears to be complete.  It is only now that    walls are in place and you look into the building that you can appreciate the magnitude    of the additional room that will be available.


Another seemingly long gap but now it seems to be taking shape at last.  These pictures were taken on 10th June.


The pictures were taken on 21st July and demonstrate that, as the builders tell us,    the project is still on schedule for a completion by mid August.


Minor holdups have put the "handing over" back a week or so but all looks well for    the official opening on 27th September.  These shots give an idea of what the finished    work will look like.  Obviously builders' tools etc are still littered around but    I think you will be able to see how things are.  As well as the new extension there    is a shot of the decorating work going on in te main worship hall.

The new halls were formally opened on Saturday 28th September.  These pictures show    the finished interior of the new rooms which are already being well used by various    community groups.


Just two weeks to go.  Still a lot of work to be done but more people on the job    than ever seen before indicates a determination to complete on time.