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Tuesday 15th December

Bringing Comfort to the people of Carlisle

Roz Dolby reports on the Bedlington Salvation Army’s Community Outreach

On Tuesday morning Keith, Wes and I Set off for Carlisle to man the emergency vehicle.  You see  the news reports on T.V.  but it doesn’t hit you until you walk down a road and see all the houses with their furniture and carpets piled up outside on the pavement.  

We were kept busy all day serving bacon rolls, hot dogs, mince pies, tea, coffee and hot chocolate.  Keith did a great job with frying pan.  Wes kept the boiler topped up with bottled water for the hot drinks and helped serve when we had a rush of people.

I spoke to a lot of workmen who were very grateful for the food as  they grabbed a roll and coffee and were able to carry on working as the only store around was Tesco and it was  closed as it was also  flooded.  The men came from all over the U.K.  one man I spoke to was from Wales – he had a lovely accent one from Scotland and even one from Gosforth.

The people from the street were in the process of mopping up or waiting for Insurance Acessors- One lady had seen the van and thought we were there to give advice and was so pleased when she found she could get a hot drink. A lady from  Manchester was trying to sort out her father’s house he was 92 and her mother-in-law age 88 who was also flooded.

It was amazing to see how positive everyone was and were so grateful for our help, even though we really didn’t do very much. It was nice to see that the Army as a Christian body were seen to be doing something to help the community.

Sunday Evening 6th December

Community Carol Service in Bedlington Market Square

This year saw a change from the usual Civic Carol Service in our hall. Instead Churches Together in Bedlington united to hold a carol service out doors in the Market Place around the Christmas tree. It was a lovely crisp afternoon and a large crowd joined in the service, which was led by Captain Peter, with readings of the Christmas story in between carols. The Salvation Army’s mobile canteen was on duty providing tea, coffee mince pies and shortcake biscuits.  Photos by kind permission of Denise.

carols at bedlington market square.wmv

Sunday Morning 6th December

Toddlers Carol Service

The hall was packed with parents, grandparents and friends of the children who attend the many Toddler Groups, for the carol service.  The seating in the hall was laid out in a circle, the centre of which was a crib was the main focus of attention.  Elsewhere the was a manger scene, a Jesse tree and an Advent Candle display. Midway through the service many of the children, who attend the toddler groups, entered the hall, all beautifully dressed as angels, shepherds and wise men to sing songs they had learned for the occasion.

Weekend 10th/11th October

Harvest Weekend led by Major Martin Hill

On Saturday evening many enjoyed a Pie and Peas supper followed by a quiz. It was apparently a hilarious evening.

Sunday’s meeting were led by Major Martin Hill.  Martin included in both meetings many opportunities for congregation participation, often accompanied by peals of laughter. However, in all the message came through and great blessings were received.

During the evening meeting Moira Ledger was welcomed as an Adherent member of the Corps.

Moira thanked everyone for making her so welcome and testified to being led by God to this place. Below are some photos taken on the night.

Sunday Evening 27th September

Enrolment of Simon Wearmouth as a Soldier

This evening’s meeting centred on the enrolment as a soldier of Simon.  The congregation welcomed the new soldier with enthusiasm.  Simon felt too emotional to speak his testimony but had prepared beforehand a video presentation that is shared below ‘Video 1’.  Further photographs take during the ceremony are shown in ‘Video 2’.  Sadly for Bedlington Corps we will be losing Simon as he takes up an appointment as Community Coordinator for Edinburgh Granton corps immediately.

Video 1             Video 2

Sunday Evening 2nd August

Second Summer Club Meeting

Captain Peter led this second week Summer Club presentation. About 50 young children had attended this second week and they marched into the hall full of excitement to explain what they had been up to during the week. The main teaching was bible centred and at the end of the week each child had created their own illustrated mini bible to take away. Sadly the weather during the week did not allow planned outdoor activities but there were plenty of indoor activities to keep them occupied. Parents and friends were invited to a couple of challenges, that of skipping and a Frisbee penalty shoot out.  When asked for their memories of the week the children were very vocal in telling of their personal experiences.

summer club week2 2015.wmv

Sunday Evening 26th July

First Summer Club Meeting

Again we saw a capacity congregation for the presentation of the work done during the week by the young people of the first Summer Club this year. The theme of the week was ‘Super Heroes’. It was clear that a good time was had by all, including the many adult helpers. Rachel very capably led the meeting which included a number of competition challenges for some of the parents. Altogether an evening of great full and blessings.

summer club week 1 2015.wmv

Sunday Morning 26th July

Dedication of Tilly Barnes

This morning’s congregation was enhanced by approximately fifty friends and relatives who had come to witness the dedication of a beautiful little girl, Tilly Barnes. During the formal part of the ceremony Captain Peter charged the parents, Chris and Marsha, and the God parents with the responsibility to ensure that Tilly was always encouraged to understand right from wrong.  He then carried Tilly around  to introduce her to the large congregation and charged each one with similar charges that the parents had accepted

Captain Peter had chosen to use the story of the feeding of the five thousand as his theme for the meeting.  He had identified eleven different types of bread and demonstrated, using a crossword, how they all could be arranged to spell out that Jesus was the ‘Bread of Life’.  Some of the children present distributed pieces of bread to everyone present. It was lovely to witness the many family and friends enter wholeheartedly into some youthful action songs.

dedication of tilly barns.wmv

Thursday 2nd July

Boundless Congress - Local boy does good!

Very proud of our own Stephen Burn at Boundless 2015. Is there no end to this guy’s talents?

stephen burn.wmv

Sunday 7th June

Young People’s Anniversary

The Salvation Army in Bedlington has a wealth of young people, many of whom have been introduced through the Messy Church. This day was filled with fun and many blessings. The theme for the day was ‘Change’ emphasising the change that can come about by accepting Jesus. Change was represented in many fun ways and it was not only the children who enjoyed this lively day of worship. The slide show below shows a number of fun ways in which change can be fun. It also shows  the presentation of book prizes for all those attending the Sunday School.  The Singing Company and Young Peoples Band made valuable contributions in both services.  Several solos, duets and group items, some by very young children making their first public performance, were warmly received.  Some very hard work was made behind the scenes to make this day so successful and blessed.

yp annual.wmv

Sunday Morning 31st May

Dedication of Isaac Tasker

The usual congregation this morning was augmented by many of Claire and Jason’s friends and colleagues.  The theme of the meeting was found in the Bible verse in John 3.16, ‘ For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.’ This being seen as the whole Bible being encapsulated in that one verse.  The many children present were then tasked with the creation of a poster containing the words of that bible verse. Following the dedication ceremony Captain Peter charged the God parents with their responsibility to help with the nurturing of Isaac as he grows up. He then paraded Isaac round the hall symbolically asking all the congregation to do likewise. This was indeed a lovely service.


Sunday Afternoon 3rd May

Enrolment of Michael Elliott as a Junior Soldier

A goodly number of friends and relatives of Michael swelled the congregation to witness his enrolment as a Junior Soldier. Captain Peter Renshaw conducted the ceremony and Michael read his promise beautifully. Maureen Danielson, who had tutored Michael in his preparation course offered prayer. At Michael’s request the congregation joined in his favourite song, ‘King of Kings, Majesty’. The picture below shows family members including Great Grandma who supported Michael.

michael elliott's enrollment.wmv

Easter Sunday

The culmination of a very blessed Easter Weekend

Sunday morning was a very happy one with the usual “Happy Easter” greetings and rousing singing of the news that Christ Has Risen. As has been the custom for several months the children left the meeting for their Sunday School before returning at the end of the service to tell us about the things they had learned today.  This time, however, they were joined by 50 or so children from Messy Church.  The singing of “Raise the banner, fly the flag - He is alive” was an exciting experience.

During the afternoon service of suitable music provided by all the Corps musical sections, young Elliot Burn was enrolled as a junior Soldier. It was a lovely and somewhat emotional time as he repeated his Junior Soldier’s promise.

easter 2015.wmv

Good Friday - 3rd April

The band, supported by soldiers of the Corps, at Morpeth

The rain fell but it did not seem to deter about 100 people who joined the traditional Good Friday procession and service in the centre of Morpeth.  The video below is taken with thanks to The Morpeth News TV.

good friday 2015.mp4


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