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Sunday morning 30th November

Toddlers Nativity

This morning saw a packed hall full of parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, friends and the regular corps congregation witness the toddlers presentation of the story of the nativity.  Very hard work had been put in to design and make the costumes so that there were several Marys, Josephs, Shepherds, Inn Keepers, Wise Men, Various Animals and of course Baby Jesus.

An octet of bandsmen played suitable music whilst the congregation found sufficient seating in the packed hall before Captain Peter Renshaw welcomed everyone and the Songster brigade sang a suitable song, Peter then prayed blessing on the service.

After welcoming all the toddlers Peter narrated the well known story while the toddlers enacted the parts (with some persuasion from parents and friends).  A final carol concluded a wonderful morning of celebrating this precious time of year.

toddlers nativity 2014.wmv

Sunday 23rd  November

Enrolment of four new Adherent Members

Captain Renshaw enrolled Gwen and Ron Ogle, Kim Hodgson and Liz Crosby as Adherent Members of Bedlington Corps.

Ron and Gwen started attending meetings about one year ago as a result of an invitation and were very taken by the warmth of welcome they received.  Years ago Gwen had been a member of the Sunday and remembers having her star card.  Kim and Liz were effectively brought by their respective sons' because of their love for Messy Church and their subsequent joining the Singing Company.  Kim's son Ethan actually asked his parents if he could be dedicated in the Salvation Army and this took place last June.

four new adherents.wmv

Weekend 4/5th October

Harvest weekend with the visit of The Salvation Army Symphonic wind Ensemble (SASWE)

Almost to the day twenty years ago when The Salvation Army Symphonic Wind Ensemble (SASWE) was created, the Corps at Bedlington was privileged to welcome the ensemble to help celebrate Harvest Festival.  SA Bandsman describes the group as The Salvation Army’s best kept secret and if that is true it is a shame because, whilst the sound is somewhat unique it is nonetheless of outstanding quality. Under the leadership of Bandmaster Andrew Mackereth’s expert guidance the capacity congregation was treated to a selection of original pieces and some adapted especially for the group. In keeping with the sentiments of the weekend Andrew’s special arrangements of traditional Army harvest songs were much appreciated.  Lieut. Jennifer Gosling gave a short helpful bible address based on the harvest theme.

On Sunday morning the holiness meeting was led by Lieuts. Jennifer and David Gosling.  There were, as usual, several children in the congregation and Jennifer used them to demonstrate the many words that can be made up by juggling the letters of the word harvest around.  This tested the spelling of some of the children but ‘grown ups’ were on hand to help.

As the congregation sang at the Saturday night festival, ‘Lord, I come before your Throne of Grace’ we were left with the unmistakable knowledge ‘What a faithful God we have.’  Thank you SASWE.

saswe harvest.wmv

Sunday Morning 21st September

All age Worship and Dedication of Oscar and the Enrolment of his mother Lisa as an Adherent Member

The hall was full and expectant as we prepared to witness the activities of the Sunday School members, binging us very energetic actions to their singing.

This was followed by the dedication service for Oscar and the enrolment as an Adherent member of his mother Lisa.  Both had been attracted to the Salvation Army through the Messy Church meetings.

oscar dedication.wmv

Sunday Afternoon 3rd  August

Summer Club  Week Two

The theme for week two was the commonwealth games. In an opening ceremony the children all marched into the hall in four separate groups dressed in costumes to represent the four teams of the UK.

Slide show 1 is of the entrance of the four groups, while slide show 2 is a montage of the week’s activities.

opening ceremony 2014.wmvsummer club - week 2 - 2014.wmv

Slide show 1  Slide show 2

Sunday Afternoon 27th July

Summer Club Week One Finale

The finale to the second week’s Summer Club took the form of a circus act.  For only one and a half hours prior to the commencement of the meeting they were trained by professional circus performers to perform several circus acts, balancing, tumbling, spinning plates and tricks with hoops.

summer club wk 1 finale 2014.wmv

Sunday Morning 27th July

Inauguration of Captain Peter Renshaw as Commanding Officer

This morning saw the inauguration of Captain Peter Renshaw as Commanding Officer at Bedlington. This ceremony was conducted by Major Amaro Pereira from Divisional Headquarters.  Dennis Fancett represented Churches Together in Bedlington and representatives of the Corps gave individual messages of welcome. Captain Renshaw responded.

inauguration of peter renshaw.wmv

21st to 25th July

Summer Club Week One

Week one was founded on the LEGO film, drawing comparisons between several of the moral lessons learned in the film with illustrations from the bible. On being asked about specific aspects of the story it was obvious that the stories had been well understood.

The slide show illustrates the range of activities undertaken in this fun packed week.

summer club week 1 2014.wmv

Sunday Afternoon 6th July

Farewell Tea for Majors Peter and Karen Clark

Many of the Corps attended an afternoon tea to thank Peter and Karen for seven and a half years of ministry.

In the afternoon meeting, that followed the tea, a number of speakers gave thanks for their ministry and service to the Corps and Community.  Dennis Fansett from Churches together gave testimony to how Karen in particular had brought about a totally positive flavour to the churches together group when dealing with some of the problems in the community.

farewell tea.wmv

Sunday Morning 6th July

Enrolment of Eddie and Shirley Dickson

On the 5th January Eddie was enrolled as an Adherent. However, he felt compelled to take the further step of full soldiership.  Major Peter Clark was delighted to conduct the ceremony.  In his testimony Eddie thanked Recruiting Sergeant Olive Lightley for guiding him through the preparatory lessons. He also, somewhat humorously, told of his youthful defiance of  Church matters and how he refused the invitation to attend the meetings when he brought Colin, his care charge, to services, until he was told we would be singing his favourite hymn, ‘How great Thou art’.  That commenced his journey to the current moment.

In the same meeting Shirley, Eddie’s wife, was enrolled as an Adherent. The growth of the Bedlington Salvation Army continues apace.

eddie and shirley's enrolment.wmv

Sunday 29th June

Dedication of Ethan Hodgson

This was a very special dedication service for Bedlington as it records a first for Messy Church.  Ethan had been attending the Messy Church with his Mother for some time. Six year old Ethan absorbed all the information and enjoyed the experiences.  Such was the effect it had on Ethan that he asked his parents if he could be dedicated in the Army.  His parents readily agreed and were proud to witness their Son’s dedication ceremony conducted by Major Peter Clark.  Several friends and relatives together with the regular congregation witnessed the dedication.  Ethan asked if he could say something himself and he plucked up all his courage to thank everyone for coming to his dedication.

ethan's dedication.wmv

Sunday 1st June

Dedication of Luke George Lightley

This morning the hall was packed to capacity with friends and relatives of Neil, Rachel and Grace to witness the dedication of the infant Luke George Lightley.  The ceremony was conducted by Major Peter Clark  and witnessed  by close friends Claire and Jason Tasker, Stephen and Laura Burn and Steven and Lyndsay Gibson.

luke lightley's dedication.wmv

Sunday 24th May

Transfer of Keith Oxley to the Band Reserve.

Although he still gains great enjoyment making his contribution on the Bass Trombone Keith decided that it was time to go on the Band reserve having attained his 80th year.  He spoke of his memories of the many corps he has had the privilege of attending, his Mother and Father being Salvation Army Officers.  Excluding a time ‘in the wilderness’ he has clocked up 35 years as a senior bandsman.  Prior to that some 5 years as a Junior Bandsman, although unofficially playing since the age of 7.

keith retirement.wmv

Sunday 4th May

Dedication of Henry Robert George Gibson

and transfer of Alice Bullen to the Songster Reserve

Major Peter Clark conducted the dedication service for Henry Robert George Gibson.  The service was witnessed by God Parents Louise and John Elliott, Claire and Jason Tasker and Rachel and Neil Lightley.

dedication of henry gibson.jpg

At the grand old age of 91 Alice decided it was time to retire from the songster Brigade. She has served for some 42 years as a member of Bedlington songsters and including service at Blyth and Newcastle City Temple accumulated some 72 years as a songster.  Well done Alice.

Easter Weekend 19th / 20th April

Visit of Majors Joy Poxton and Lynda Levis

The ministry of Joy and Linda were inspirational.  The message of the Easter story, although well known, was pictured in a new light with drama and humour enhancing the  seriousness of the familiar story.

Additional chairs had to be hurriedly put in place to seat the very large congregation for the Sunday afternoon praise and worship meeting. A feature of the meeting was the children and helpers of the Messy Church who captivated the large congregation with their boisterous singing of ‘He is alive’.

messy church.wmv

Sunday 16th March

Enrolment of Peter Stewart

A welcome was extended to many of Peter’s friends who had come to this morning’s service to witness Peter’s enrolment.  Recruiting Sergeant Olive Lightley accompanied Peter to the platform where Major Peter Clark conducted the ceremony.  The congregation was invited to recite out aloud, with Peter, the Article of Faith, or Doctrines of The Salvation Army.  Following the signing of the Articles Peter gave a very frank testimony as to how he combated his demons some two and a half years ago when he acknowledged the presence of God in his life.  This included expressing love for his late parents, who for years he had hated for the beatings he had had as a child, due to their alcoholism.  As the slide show below shows, Peter was resplendent in full Salvation Army uniform.

peter's enrolment.wmv

Tuesday 4th and Saturday 15th March

The Band welcomes Clarence Adoo to its practice prior to the Saturday concert .

In preparation for the concert with The Prudhoe Gleeman Choir on Saturday 15th March Clarence took us through some pieces that he would conduct from his wheelchair.  Conducting by nodding of his head and mouthing instructions, while his carer Paul turning over pages of the score, he demonstrated his musical knowledge and ability as a band trainer.  He emphasised how important it was to concentrate and listen to each other.  To demonstrate how important it is to concentrate we were asked to play a simple hymn tune, firstly as written and then by transposing down a semitone and then up a semitone.  This writer found the reading down a semitone relatively easy, but up a semitone was another story.

The concert on the 15th was a tremendous success when a large congregation listened attentively to the choir and band items.Eric Burn made a fine compere giving us an insight into the various items as they were performed.


A sum of £680.00 was made for the Clarence Adoo Trust.

Sunday Evening 2nd February

Commissioning of two Junior Musicians

Just before the Singing Company gave their contribution to the meeting Major Peter Cark presented Christopher Binns and Zachary Elliott with their certificates as Junior Musicians of The Bedlington Corps of The Salvation Army.  Christopher and Zachary sang separate solo items during this song.


Sunday Evening 5th January

Enrolment of Eddie Dickson as an Adherent

In his professional roll as a carer Eddie has been bringing Colin, one of our disabled soldiers, to the morning meetings for some months.  Whereas some carers just bring and collect their clients Eddie started to stay for the service and has joined and enjoyed the fellowship.  He decided he wanted to make a further commitment and was duly enrolled as an Adherent. What a lovely way to commence 2014.

eddie's enrollment.wmv


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