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News Items for the year 2011

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December 2011

A very busy caroling time for the band

The slide show below depicts a number of different carol playing locations during a very busy two or three weeks. All the band personnel and helpers give their time voluntarily and the proceeds of the collections go towards The Salvation Army’s work in the community.

Wednesday December 14th 2011

Preparing all the toy parcels for distribution to needy children

The generosity of local people never ceases to amaze us, as individuals and companies give at this time of the year. It demonstrates the trust they have in The Salvation Army. To prepare parcels for named children is a massive task and the slide show below gives an insight into the enormous work undertake by willing volunteers.

Sunday December 11th 2011

Enrolment of Fiona Hall as a Senior Soldier

Fiona was originally introduced to the Corps by one of its soldiers, Colin Nesbitt who was a resident of the same care home that she attends for her epilepsy. At the Corps she joined the CAMEO club and enjoyed the fellowship and the craft work very much. She felt so welcome and comfortable there with the members and subsequently responded to the invitation to go along to the meetings. She had always been a Christian but had not attended a church for a long time and had spent some time in and out of hospital. Fiona was enrolled as an Adherent just over two years ago but felt she would like to make a further commitment by becoming a fully uniformed Soldier. Major Clark was only too pleased to conduct the ceremony.

Sunday December 11th 2011

Civic Carol Service and Toy Appeal

The annual Civic Carol Service again welcomed civic leaders from around the area and also St Bedes Junior Choir who gave two spots of carols in the programme sung with gusto. Appreciation for the work of The Salvation Army was expressed by Councillor George Todd the Chairman of Northumberland County Council The generosity of Corps folk and visitors was demonstrated as toys were brought forward for later distribution to needy children of the community.

Wednesday November 30th 2011

Sleeping Beauty performed by the Panto Company

A full house of around 150 turned out. The staff on duty were Richard Wearmouth, Rachel Cullen, Roz and Wez Dolby and Dawn and George Miller. Tickets were sold to families for £10 to try and make it affordable for all to attend. Drinks, chocolate and sweets were sold at the tuck shop. A very noisy and fun night for all from kids to luncheon club and corps members who attended and all joined in the fun.

Sunday November 20th 2011

Christmas Fayre at Kirkley Hall

The band made its annual visit to play carols at the opening of the Christmas Fayre at Kirley Hall. A very large crowd attended the fayre and many stayed to listen to the carols.

Friday November 18th 2011

Brass Band of Central Florida

This brass band is one of the finest in America, where the brass band genre has developed its unique style of playing and repertoire. As the winners of a concert contest in America they won the privilege of participating in the ‘Brass in Concert’ contest at the Sage Gateshead on the following Sunday. They also took part in a joint concert with the International Staff Band on the following Saturday evening also at Sage Gateshead. As a matter of interest they achieved the second prize on the Sunday. The full video below may take considerable time to download. The second video is a much shorter part of their programme.


Part 1                Part 2

Sunday November 13th 2011

Remembrance Day Parade at Bedlington

Once again the band led the procession to the War Memorial in Bedlington. The pictures shown in this slide show were published on the town’s web site.

November 5th 2011

Songster Ceilidh


Slide Show   Video

October 2011

Band at CCMS (Cruelty to Children Must Stop)

October 8th and 9th 2011

Band Weekend with Kettering Band, B/M Richard Phillips

The visit of Kettering Band for our band weekend had been eagerly awaited for several months and like so many good things it was over all too quickly. The band’s reputation had gone before it and we knew we were in for a musical treat. However, the abiding memory will be the wonderful spirit of God’s presence during the weekend. Lt. Colonel Geoff Burton's ministry left an indelible impression on the large congregations.

The slide show below shows how immediate friendships were made at the welcome tea and the video shows some of the Sunday afternoon Praise/Salvation meeting.


Slide Show               Video

October 2011

A special day for Louise Hindmarsh

Louise came to The Salvation Army because she was delivering a course for the Northumberland Care Trust.

Louise was also undergoing medical treatment herself and was waiting to go into hospital for surgery so decided that she would attend The Salvation Army worship for support through that time. While in surgery her heart stopped and left her needing a heart transplant. However, Louise became a candidate for of a Mechanical Heart; she is now one of a hand full of women implanted with an artificial pump until a donor is found. During these weeks and months Major Peter Clark has kept up with Louise during her long stay in hospital and there were anxious days. While visiting Louise one day she asked Peter if he could conduct a wedding blessing once she was through the operation and well enough. This would all be a surprise for her husband. It became the best kept secret.

On Saturday at The Salvation Army Bedlington Louise and her very surprised husband Gavin met with family and friends for a wedding blessing and to renew their vows. It was a time of emotion and blessing for all who attended. These were plans that Louise made in faith and are now fulfilled. Louise has a ministry, when people visit she has a stock of Christian tracks she gives to her visitors, she knows God has been in her journey over the last eighteen months.

Summer Club July 2011

A week of fun, games and learning

This year the Summer Club attracted a large number of children. The slide show below gives some idea of the many activities the children engaged in.

Sunday 24th July 2011

Dedication of Samuel Tasker and Recognition of Bejamin’s Junior Soldiership

This day was special for the extended Tasker family. In the morning a service of recognition was held for Benjamin, who at the beginning of the month had been enrolled as a junior soldier at his corps in Guernsey. Major Peter Clark was quick to recognise that from his regular visits to Bedlington he was very much one of us. Benjamin proudly showed off his Junior Soldiers uniform with particular mention of his Junior Soldiers badge.

The afternoon meeting saw the dedication of Benjamin’s new baby brother, Samuel. This service was conducted by Major Suzanne Fincham with Major Melvin Fincham assisting. Samuel behaved impeccably as the service proceeded. One touching moment was when Benjamin read out a poem he had written for the occasion.

We’re glad you joined our family,

Yet some things make us wonder;
How can a little package like you
Have a voice that’s loud as thunder?

You are so small and oh so cute,
But you are never very shy,
For whenever you want something brought to you,
You just open your mouth and cry.

I’m glad you joined our family,
You’re a unique and wonderful treasure.
And despite you dirty nappies
Being your brother is a total pleasure!


Sunday17th July 2011

100th Birthday Celebrations For Gladys Wright

Gladys Wright celebrated her 100th birthday recently. Recognition of this great event was made during the Sunday night meeting, when messages of congratulation were read from Commissioner John Matear, Majors Melvin and Susanne Fincham and Majors Christine and Stephen Perkins, who enrolled Gladys while stationed as the Corps officers at Bedlington. Following the meeting all were invited to partake of a tea or coffee and birthday cake.

Sunday 22nd May 2011

Presentation of Cheque from Bedlingtonshire Rotary Club

Keith Knox is an adherent member of the Salvation Army at Bedlington. He is also the President of the Rotary Club of Bedlingtonshire and as such was able to recommend that the Salvation Army be one of the many charities that the Club supports each year. The request was that the money be provided to assist the Army’s work in Japan, following the earth quake and tsunami disaster. A cheque for £500 was presented by Keith to Corps officer Major Peter Clark who will forward this to International Headquarters.

The corps has been seeing increasing demand for places at the Toddlers’ group to the point where an extra day has been incorporated in the busy calendar specifically for children with learning difficulties and disabilities. On hearing of the need for finance for this extra activity Keith’s wife Shirley, who is involved with a number of activities at the corps, made a plea for donations at Keith’s Rotary Presidents Night Dinner, on Friday 20th May and a collection resulted in a further £120.00 being donated. This will be retained by the corps specifically to support the Toddlers work.

Bank Holiday Monday 4th May 2011

Corps Walk around Amble and Warkworth

The slide show below is a memento of this lovely Corps get together which culminated in a meal at The Marina Arms afterwards. We are grateful o Graham Caffull for the pictures.

Weekend 9th/10th April 2011

Visit of Leighton Buzzard Songsters

Songster weekend at Bedlington saw the visit of Leighton Buzzard Songster Brigade under the leadership of Songster Leader Robert Foster. They were accompanied by Colonel Rob Garrad whose several talks over the weekend brought much blessing, often with a touch of humour from accounts of his much travelled experience.

The brigade brought something for all musical tastes. Several old favourites such as RSA’s ’Blessed be the Lord my Strength’ and some more recent compositions like Richard Philips’ arrangement of ‘Ev’ry time I feel the Spirit’. Of particular blessing, bearing in mind the approach of Easter, was a group of four songs, from Len Balentine’s ‘Songs of Jesus’, through Andrew Mackereth’s arrangement of Handel’s ‘Joy to the World’ and Herbert Young’s ‘The Crucified’ to RSA’s arrangement of ‘Christ the Lord is risen again’ all linked by suitably chosen Bible readings beautifully delivered.

Like all such weekends it was over far too soon. New friendships made and old ones renewed and above all many blessings received by many who made up a full hall for all three meetings.

The slide show below pictures some shots taken during the Saturday evening festival.

Thursday 24th March 2011

CAMEO Club Special Guest

The guest speaker at this meeting of the CAMEO Club was Eileen Brown. Eileen has a wealth of knowledge about Tyneside music and traditions and brought many of her recordings with her to entertain the group. Normally she would charge a fee for her talk but on this occasion she waived that fee relying on donations to her favoured charity, the RVI Cancer Unit.

Eileen is also an accomplished poet and used some of her readings interspersed with jokes delivered in a most entertaining way. Thank you Eileen for a most entertaining couple of hours.

Video             Slide Show

March 2011

Hospital Visitation and Assistance

During a short say in hospital Isabel Reid in conversation with Ward Sister Jacqui Morgan learnt they were always short of nightdresses and pyjamas. In fact a very elderly lady had just been admitted and they could not find a night dress for her. As leader of Bedlington Cameo Club, a craft group, she rallied the group and gathered toiletries and night wear for the elderly entering hospital unexpectedly. They were received with grateful thanks by Maureen Davidson, Modern Matron, Helen Siney, Ward Manager and Jacqui Morgan, ward manager. “Thanks to Isabel Reid for your thoughtfulness” said the nurses.

Saturday 19th February 2011

Band and Songster in concert in aid of Rotary International

It is not often we get the opportunity to hear our musical sections in a full programme. This evening proved to be a very enjoyable opportunity to do just that and indeed we were very proud of our sections. As the proceeds of the evening were to be for Rotary International most of the music had an international flavour. Mr. Keith Knox, the current President of the local region and a regular worshiper with us, gave a vote of thanks.

Sunday 6th January 2011

Christmas Round The World

There was disappointment all round before Christmas when the severe weather conditions prevented many people from attending the Corps Carol Service. A pageant had been rehearsed for some time depicting Christmas round the world. Even some of the cast were not able to attend. Today Christmas came once more, but at the end of January. A packed hall enjoyed singing all the familiar carols again. Any passers by outside would have paused to listen to the un-seasonal singing but we all had a very enjoyable time. The pageant was beautifully presented showing how Christmas is celebrated round the world.